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Cisano Bergamasco-Imbersago-Lecco


Ristorante La Sosta
Via A.Sciesa 3, Cisano Bergamasco - info: 035.781066 - from Vescogna 4,2 km

Old inn on the Bergamo bank of the Adda with a veranda with panoramic views from the river and comfortable environment.
Italian cuisine and local river fish and a selection of local cheeses and cold meat cuts.
Capacity for 80 guests, closed on Wednesday. €€


La Trattoria dei Cacciatori
Via L. Castelbarco 31, Imbersago - info: 039.9920598 - from Vescogna 3,9 km

Existing for almost one hundred years in the town center, in an elegant and bright location managed by the Cordara family.
lombard cuisine with traditional dishes of wild game, mushrooms and grilled meats.
Family winery with significant prevalence of special red wines.
capacity for 200 guests, closed Sunday evening. €€     

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Barbagianni
Via Castelbarco 21, Sabbione di Imbersago - info: 039.9921410 - from Vescogna 2,6 km

Warm, rustic and comfortable place in the small village of Sabbione with a small terrace overlooking the Bergamo region.
Lombard cuisine specialized in seafood and game. Excellent pizzas cooked in a woodden oven.
Good wine list, edited and updated.
Capacity for 90 guests, closed on Wednesdays. €


Osteria di Montalbano
Via Montalbano 30, Lecco - info: 0341.496707 - from Vescogna 20 km - from Vescogna 20 km

A little adventurous to reach by a narrow dirt road this rustic restaurant overlooks Lecco and its lake. In the summer one can dine at sunset with the tables on the lawn.
Regional cooking with excellent first courses.
Capacity for 40 guests, closed on Wednesdays. €€

Trattoria Vecchia Pescarenico
Via dei Pescatori 8, Pescarenico di Lecco - info: 0341.368330 - from Vescogna 17 km

In the old fishing village,  the " I Promessi Sposi". A simple family restaurant, can be found in the narrow streets that overlooking the lake Lecco with sea food dishes served in good portions.
Fair wine list with a predominance of northern white.
Capacity for 40 guests, closed on Mondays and lunchtime. €

Ristorante Nicolin
Via Ponchielli 54, Maggianico di Lecco - info: 0341.422122

The reataurant is located in the part of Lecco that quickly rises fro the lake; nice and cozy in pefect 70's modernism with a summer garden next to an old well.
Kitchen tied to tradition with dishes from sea aln land origins, prepared by chef Giovanni, of honest and refined taste.
Excellent traditional wine cellar with interesting selection of wine including, in particular, those of Burgundy.
Capacity for 45 guests, closed Tuesdays ans Sundays evenings. €€€