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Mount Brianza

(ill. View of Hermitage by G.Grossi, 1931)

Via San Genesio, Colle Brianza - from Vescogna 9,1 km

From Vescogna, looking west, one can see the Mount Brianza including the Hermitage of San Genesio (832 mt.), wich has its origins dating back to the lombard period. For centuries the border between the Serenissima and the Dukedom of Milan, many towers and fortresses were built in the area; in the middle of the XV century, the mountain was occupied by the Venetians with the intention of expansion until the milanese territories. After a bloody battle fought around Saint Genesio, Francesco Sforza, with the help of his allies, including the Calco family, managed to beat the Venetians and return as winner to Milan.
The peak offers a panoramic view of Brianza, of the Pusiano and Oggiono lakes, the Alps and the city of Lecco, of territory that Alessandro Manzoni called "one of the most beautiful in the world".
From Olgiate Molgora there are many trails and paths, adapted as well for the use of mountain-bike, that allows an enjoyable visit to this area of great environmental and natural interest, covered by chestnut and birch wood, with vineyards and mulberry, old farmsteads and rural communities.

(ref: "Guida ViviBrianza 2 - Bellavite Editore)

From the Olgiate station following the signs, you arrive at Olcellera, than following the red arrows, to Mondonico at the village of Squadra (area of footpaths). Following path N°1, you arrive in Campsirago, a rural village with atmosphere and charme the old time, where in the summer the theater festival "The Garden of the Hesperides" is held.
Still following the N°1 arrows, proceed until the Hermitage of Saint Genesio (2,15 hours from Olgiate). After a stop at the inn, take the same path back to Campsirago; arriving there, follow the arrows marked N°3 until Crosaccia (634 mt.). Now following the route N°2, wich passes through Monestiroli, return again to Mondonico, then Olgiate Molgora. Following the road you can admire the Gola (Buttero) and Sommi Picenardi Villas.