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The village of Montevecchia is located between Milan and Lecco in the foothills of the Alps. Its territory is completely inserted in the Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley. The shrine, seen from all of Brianza for its dominant position and isolation, has become its symbol.
(ill. View by G.Grossi, 1931)     

Largo Gaetana Agnesi, Montevecchia - from Vescogna 9,5 km

The construction of this church dates back to the early seventeenth century when the old church of St. John was demolished  to make room for the new sanctuary. In times of typically baroque architecture, its is revealed the XVII century wooden statue of the Virgin of Carmelo; of great value is the XVI century portable canopy carved in wood and gilded, with spiral colums topped by a crown.
There are no know origins of the cult , but even today many pilgrims climb the hill of Montevecchia to pray at the shrine, attracted by the beauty of this area, the magnificient panorama that catches the eye as far as until Milan and the numerous taverns.

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Arriving by car to the top of the hill, one can walk towards the square and go up to the Sanctuary along the famous staircase. a remarkable panorama can be enjoyed along the Via Crucis. Back in the square, take a left at Villa Vittadini and follow the path that runs between rows of wines and fields of sage and rosemary and leads to the location where you will find the Trattoria Galeazzino Bonfanti.
The trail continues down the hillside among cultivated leveled fields, then into woods to arrive at Cascina Casarigo, home to the agricultural Valcurone company (20 minutes from Montevecchia). The view is lovely, resembling the Langhe and the Chianti areas. From here take the dirt road that leads to the Oliva village, where one can find the Cattaneo winery. To reach again the top, climb the steep trail along the Oliva path, wich was once the only access route to the hill.